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  • Answer to: What can I do besides replacing my battery on 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid?

    Here's a battery for $1200. It looks like it was pulled from a Civic that was totaled. Other than that, it looks like you would be paying the dealer's price.
  • Answer to: Need replacement power connector for logic board.

    Are you looking for the charge port on the controller? Here's the only replacement connector I could find on eBay. It should be pretty easy to solder, Here's a guide to open the controller too, if you need it.
  • Answer to: What is this part that came out of my phone?

    It looks like a ground strap. However, since there are several ground points on the logic board, it shouldn't affect function. The only way to find out is to put it back together and power it up!
  • Answer to: Will replacing logic board change MEID DEC, etc. number?

    After changing the logic board, you will need to activate the "new" phone. You can do this by logging on to Sprints website, and entering the information (ESN/MEID/Etc...) of the new phone. You shouldn't have to worry about any new fees, since you're swapping identical phones. If you have any trouble, you could always take it to a Sprint store and have them activate it there, just make sure you have the ESN/MEID written down somewhere to show them. This also won't reset your contract, as I replaced my HTC Hero with an Evo 9 months ago using this method, and just got an email from Sprint telling me that I'm eligible for a 2-year upgrade.
  • Answer to: 5-Pin Power Adaptor pin assignments

    I found a forum post that explains the connection in detail. The connector is the same for all displays, but a higher wattage adapter is required for the 30" model. To sum up the forum post, the connector has a symmetrical pinout like this: Pins 1,2,3,4,5 |+24.5VDC|-24.5VDC|SENSE|-24.5VDC|+24.5VDC| |+24.5VDC|-24.5VDC|SENSE|-24.5VDC|+24.5VDC| Pins 6,7,8,9,10
  • Answer to: swapping Sprint 8gb logic boards with verizon 32gb can it be done?

    Unfortunately, the two boards are not compatible. You can physically swap the two boards and end up with a functional 32GB iPhone, but that phone will not work on Sprint's network, it will be locked to Verizon.
  • Answer to: No startup chime/audio greyed out on late 2009 Mac mini?

    You may have a damaged or disconnected audio board. Use this guide to open the computer and get to the board. Check the ribbon cable coming from the interconnect board is connected to it. If the cables aren't the problem, you may need to replace the board itself. Here is one for sale on eBay, as iFixit does not sell them.
  • Answer to: When should Timing belt be changed

    You should replace the timing belt between 50K-75K miles, you should replace the water pump when you replace the timing belt as well. If you do the job yourself, make sure none of the sprockets turn when the belt is removed, or the offset in timing will damage the engine.
  • Answer to: How many degrees C is ok on the GPU?

    69C is abnormally hot for a chip that is just idle. I would open up the computer and check for dust/debris blocking the airflow through the computer. Also, replace the thermal paste on the GPU if possible. My desktop PC has a Radeon HD4870X2 (A notoriously hot card) which barely breaks 70C under full load, so something is definently wrong. Your computer should shut down if it detects that it is overheating.
  • Answer to: What Model Mac Mini would not have extreme Card?

    The person that sold you the computer probably replaced the original hard drive with a smaller one, and the Airport card may have been removed as well (Or might just be non-functional) You can replace your hard drive with a larger 2.5" PATA hard drive, like this one and you can install an Airport/Bluetooth combo card like this


  • Xbox 360 S Heat Sink Replacement

    Uggghhhh, Microsoft is still using X-Clamps. Didn't they learn anything from the original 360?

  • iPhone 4 Teardown

    Could it really be? Just a little bit of user-serviceability?

  • iPad FCC Teardown

    Quote from Tom:

    Yup, you're right. Didn't cross-check everything. Still wonder why the FCC version gets that chip and connector populated if they didn't put a cam on theirs. It could be just a debug port for non-production versions.

    When they originally flash the firmware to the device, they have to put it in somewhere :)

  • BlackBerry Bold 9700 Teardown

    ONYX might be the codename for the processor, or the codename of the GSM-based (AT&T) version of the phone.

  • Apple A4 Teardown

    Quote from Edis0n:

    Except for the WiFi chip, all others are from 2007 (or before), so Apple had this going on for some time.

    Probably not, these chips were most likelly used in older iPods, and provide legacy support (Since AAC Encoding hasn't changed much i the past 5-7 years) and the touch drivers were most likelly for the older iPods and iPhones, with slightly different instructions.

  • PlayStation 3 Slim Teardown

    What interface does the drive use? SATA, or a proprietary connection?

  • PlayStation 3 Slim Teardown

    Quote from Threedays:

    No modchip now success. this machine will be a flop unless someone finds a means to mod it.

    There really isn't much modding that can be done, it supports ripping games to the hard drive, it can browse the internet, the only reason I can see to mod it, would be to restore playability for PS2/PS1 games.

  • iPad Wi-Fi Teardown

    Since it has it's own power supply, will it still charge when connected to a USB port on a PC(Or a Mac)?

  • Power Mac G5 Processor and Cooling Unit Replacement

    This is a great teardown/guide! you should email one of the iFixit staff members and have them post it so the whole community can see it!

  • iPad FCC Teardown

    Quote from Kyle Wiens:

    Most of the photos were inverted; we're fixing them all now and will be uploading soon.

    This is great, I can't wait for the full teardown tommorow!