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  • Answer to: iPhone only working when plugged into charger. whats wrong with it?

    It sounds like the battery connector is either disconnected, loose, or damaged. The first thing I would recommend is using this guide to get to the phone's battery and inspecting it/reseating the connection. If that doesn't work, a replacement battery may be needed. As for the shattered glass, that wouldn't be the cause of the battery issues, however, the force of impact may have messed up other connections within the phone.
  • Answer to: AC adapter for PowerBook 165c

    The Apple model number is M5652 and you can buy one here if you're interested. The specifications are 24W, 7.5V and 3.0A.
  • Answer to: My mac whistles and does not boot.

    There are a couple of things that might be causing your problem. The first thing to consider is that over time, the ram could have unseated. I believe that older macs will sound long tones whenever they detect an issue with RAM upon startup. Another thing to consider is that these machines are notorious for having capacitors on their motherboard that go bad over time and swell up/leak. I would recommend taking the computer apart and reseating the RAM. While you're at it, check all of the connections from to and from the motherboard and also inspect the capacitors. iFixit doesn't have a disassembly guide for the SE/30 but this webside give a pretty good description and also offers some troubleshooting procedures. I can't stress how important it is to carefully follow the CRT discharge procedures highlighted on the site before doing any other work on the Macintosh. This picture gives a pretty good description of what bad capacitors look like also. If you see anything suspicions, feel free to post pictures and I...
  • Answer to: Ipad Mini LCD has massive decrease in resolution after new digitiser

    That definitely looks LCD related, did it look that bad before you replaced the digitizer? Whatever caused the LCD to break probably did a number on the screen itself and that's probably why it looks like that. I'd recommend what jessabethany said and try a new LCD, if that doesn't fix it than you might be looking at motherboard damage.
  • Answer to: My iPod is disabled and in airplane mode

    There is a workaround but it means loosing all of the data on the iPod. If you don't feel like waiting for the device to stop being disabled, you can put it in DFU mode, connect it to a computer with iTunes, and restore it. This will reinstall all of the software and delete anything previously on the iPod.
  • Answer to: How I can do a Bios Reset on NP300E5A-AO4CA?

    After entering the bios password wrong three times, Samsung computers should give you an error message with a hexadecimal code. You can put that in a decrypting script such as one listed here and get the password that way. If you post your code here, I'd be more than happy to try and do it for you.
  • Answer to: broken stylus stuck in holder

    As you can see in this picture, the stylus holder is attached to the back housing of the DS. Once the back housing is removed you should be able to remove the holder and get the broken stylus out. You can get a cheap tri-wing screwdriver here if you're interested.
  • Answer to: HTC M7 battery replacement compatibility

    I can't find much information about the M8's battery dimensions online but I did find that it is rated at 2600MaH and the M7's is rated at 2300Mah. Aside from not being a very large improvement, higher battery capacity almost always means a bigger battery so changes are, they aren't compatible. I looked at a picture in the M8 iFixit teardown and the battery looks similar to the M7, but it could be thicker. I wouldn't recommend taking the risk. Also, I didn't find anywhere where you can even buy an M8 battery.
  • Answer to: Why won't my phone turn on?

    The first step here is troubleshooting, try to connect it to your computer with a USB cable and see if the computer recognizes it. If not, it could be a bigger problem. Are you sure the phone didn't get wet at any point while it was outside?
  • Answer to: wont switch on, hard drive Error

    You're problem is probably that it can't find an operating system (Windows). Operating system's are stored on the hard drive and new drives don't come with one pre-installed. If you have a restore CD that came with the laptop, try putting it into the disk drive and then booting the laptop. It should boot off of the disk and then guide you through the process of re-installing Windows. If you don't have a restore disk, than you may need to use a regular Windows installation disk, your laptop should support Windows 7 or newer.


  • Xbox 360 S Heat Sink Replacement

    Uggghhhh, Microsoft is still using X-Clamps. Didn't they learn anything from the original 360?

  • iPhone 4 Teardown

    Could it really be? Just a little bit of user-serviceability?

  • iPad FCC Teardown

    Quote from Tom:

    Yup, you're right. Didn't cross-check everything. Still wonder why the FCC version gets that chip and connector populated if they didn't put a cam on theirs. It could be just a debug port for non-production versions.

    When they originally flash the firmware to the device, they have to put it in somewhere :)

  • BlackBerry Bold 9700 Teardown

    ONYX might be the codename for the processor, or the codename of the GSM-based (AT&T) version of the phone.

  • Apple A4 Teardown

    Quote from Edis0n:

    Except for the WiFi chip, all others are from 2007 (or before), so Apple had this going on for some time.

    Probably not, these chips were most likelly used in older iPods, and provide legacy support (Since AAC Encoding hasn't changed much i the past 5-7 years) and the touch drivers were most likelly for the older iPods and iPhones, with slightly different instructions.

  • PlayStation 3 Slim Teardown

    What interface does the drive use? SATA, or a proprietary connection?

  • PlayStation 3 Slim Teardown

    Quote from Threedays:

    No modchip now success. this machine will be a flop unless someone finds a means to mod it.

    There really isn't much modding that can be done, it supports ripping games to the hard drive, it can browse the internet, the only reason I can see to mod it, would be to restore playability for PS2/PS1 games.

  • iPad Wi-Fi Teardown

    Since it has it's own power supply, will it still charge when connected to a USB port on a PC(Or a Mac)?

  • Power Mac G5 Processor and Cooling Unit Replacement

    This is a great teardown/guide! you should email one of the iFixit staff members and have them post it so the whole community can see it!

  • iPad FCC Teardown

    Quote from Kyle Wiens:

    Most of the photos were inverted; we're fixing them all now and will be uploading soon.

    This is great, I can't wait for the full teardown tommorow!