• Palm Pre Teardown

    Quote from nxthxn:

    At 87% volume of the Pre, the iPhone also weighs 2 grams less.

    If they hadn't packed the keyboard in, I'm sure your statement would be true, except for the 'very impressive engineering feat' part.

    Is two grams really enough for a human to notice the difference? It's within rounding error - if given in ounce units both would weigh 4.7 ounces.

  • iPod shuffle 3rd Generation Teardown

    It looks like there's some chipping to the anodizing around the edges.. do you think it will be possible to open these without the chipping?

  • iPod shuffle 3rd Generation Teardown

    That's almost not a battery any more - more like a capacitor! What's really amazing to me is that they get 10 hours of music out of 73 mAh. That's progress.