Teardowns I've Worked On


  • Magic Trackpad Teardown

    It looks like there are 4 more contact points, possibly for serial data transmission. Maybe they use these during debugging? They're labeled GND, UPRX, UPTX, and PP1V8. I have no idea what that last one is for...

    Maybe you guys should try hooking up something to them and post your results!

  • Nexus One Teardown

    Thanks for the IMEI! I'll be cloning your phone now :)

  • iPod Nano 5th Generation Teardown

    I was about to make the same comment, noticed that right away. It is a bit scary when even the experts have trouble opening these things intact 0.0 I guess Apple's so hellbent on making these things thinner they sacrifice serviceability. I wonder what their yields and raw production costs are like? Their computers are much easier to work on, even if the iMac does require a big suction cup to pull the glass panel off..

  • iMac Intel 20" EMC 2266 Teardown

    Hmm, I'm curious about the square black chip in the bottom center of this pic. I first noticed it in the high res pic of the back of the logic board. Any idea what it is??

    Also, surely you guys are kidding about the warranty sticker thing!! What's really keeping you from removing the heat sink?

  • iMac Intel 20" EMC 2266 Teardown

    Quote from mrarteest:

    The ugliest mac logic board in history in such a tuxedo of a Mac, what a shame. Would it not be more cost effective for them if they just put macbook/pro guts inside of this machine? Designing mother boards has got to be expensive. I mean if my 2006 macbook is 1 inch thick, and I were add it to the back of an LCD, I would be very happy with that. If they have to make brand new computers every 2 years they should consolidate boards.

    Um.. try every 6 months

  • MacBook Core Duo Front Display Bezel Replacement

    A note for anyone panicking because they can't get their front bezel back on:

    It is common for the grey clips holding the bezel to the display to come up along with the bezel. If you have ANY grey clips attached to the back of your bezel, in order to replace the bezel you need to first remove the clips from the bezel and reinsert them into the holes in the display panel manually first! Once all of these clips are back in place, the bezel can be reattached.

    These clips are very fragile and if you are having this problem odds are you have already severely bent some of them. Check the tiny plastic clasps and if they are squashed down, gently pry them back up with your fingernail. Again these grey clips are very fragile, so use care in reattaching them.

  • iPhone 3G Teardown

    hahaha, this made my day ^_^

  • Mac mini Model A1283 Terabyte Drive Replacement

    as someone already mentioned, using electrial tape is a bad idea, you should use heat shrink tubing. It's much cleaner, it doesn't make a mess, it lasts longer, and most of all it holds the cables together. The solder could be omitted entirely if the proper size tubing was used.