• Answer to: How do I clean corrosion after water damage?

    The best solution I've found to remove corrosion is boiling water. I take the Main PC Board out of the phone, boil water in a coffee cup in a microwave then place the board in the water. VERY IMPORTANT DO NOT PLACE THE BOARD IN THE MICROWAVE. After a minute or two carefully remove the board and scrub both sides with a tooth brush. When the board is completely dry return it to the phone. I've used this sucessfuly many times with water damaged Ipods, Iphones, & other electronic devices at the repair shop I work for.
  • Answer to: My camera takes black pictures. How do I fix it?

    Sounds like the shutter is stuck closed. I've seen this several times on the S2 IS. Usually there is an oily substance on the shutter blades.
  • Answer to: Canon 300D Shot numbering not working

    The Canon Rebel/300D LCD display cannot display a shot count # greater than 999. This is not an error with the camera, the LCD simply does not have a fourth digit in the shot # display. Just use the camera normally with the 4Gb card. The number display will start working again when the amount of free space on the card drops to a level where it will not hold more than 999 more pictures. Eric Pohl Camera Repair Technician United Camera Repair
  • Answer to: How fix error 99

    Error 99 is a generic call for help. 95% of the time it is a failure in the shutter. It can also be a lens problem or flash problem.
  • Answer to: Will Not Read Games

    The PS3 Blu-Ray drive can still read DVD's? What about Blu-Ray Movies? The laser diode in the drive actual has 2 laser outputs, a red laser and a blue. The red laser is used to read DVD's & CD's, while the blue reads games & Blu-Ray movies. Most likely the blue laser is damaged as it is much more sensitive to heat. The solution is replace the laser $@!'y in the drive. Be sure to get the correct assembly, you can identify the drive by its model number inscribed on the laser & motor is mounted on.