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  • iPhone 4 Display Assembly Replacement

    I fixed my iPhone so here are tips if this is your first time.

    1. Wear surgeon gloves.

    I recommend this because any grease on your fingers may cause an electrical issue with the metal components of the device.

    2. Connect your laptop to a TV via HDMI cable.

    Even though this isn't a necessity it helped speed up my repair as I could just look up to my TV screen rather than look at my laptop, and since my TV is wall-mounted right in front of my desk so I saved a lot of space on my desk, and I connected a mouse to my laptop, put the mouse on my desk and left the laptop on the floor and whenever I wanted to scroll down I used the mouse and looked at my TV.

    3. Use a magnetic whiteboard.

    You can get one of these off of Amazon for about $15 and they help keep your screws in order and if you lose one of these screws the performance of your iPhone could deteriorate.

    4. Fix iPhone in suitable environment.

    Keep the room clean so you don't lose the screws. Also keep it cool and try to reduce disturbances to a low.