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  • PowerBook power on woes yet again!

    I just replaced the PRAM battery of a touchy PowerBook 1400cs/133, and finally see the green "power" light glowing. I decided...
  • PowerBook fails to power on at all?

    A friend is trying to power on a old PowerBook 1400cs/133, but to no avail. I'm having a bit of a tough time trying to diagno...


  • Answer to: Is there FM chip in the GTab 1000?

    There is no FM radio in the Galaxy Tab. You can, however, load an app like Pandora or for some radio stations streaming online.
  • Answer to: iPod A1213 When powered on shows only the “itunes” picture

    Have you managed to successfully restore your iPod using iTunes? That screen usually shows up only if your iPod's firmware is damaged in some way or another. A restore will usually get it working again, but if it still shows up even after a restore, your iPod may have another issue that may need higher up help.
  • Answer to: After replacing my Logic Board why does my Display not function?

    You may have ordered a logicboard for a 2nd generation mini, which has a different LCD and connector. You'll have to now find an LCD for a 2nd gen mini, or find another 1st gen mini logicboard.
  • Answer to: Nano Shuffles itself after being dropped!

    It sounds like the accelerometer in your nano's damaged due to the fall. Have an Apple Service Technician take a look at it. Unfortunately, I don't think you can easily replace this part.
  • Answer to: Replacement Power Supply needed

    There are a few replacement solutions in the store. Here's the link.
  • Answer to: Kernel Panic at boot screen

    This sounds like something's wrong with the video card. I've had to deal with a similar issue on a Mac Pro for a client, and swapping cards solved the issue entirely. What happened here sounds like a component on the video card went out; specifically, the fan and heatsink covering the GPU. This is the same as what I experienced. The card would start to overheat quickly and cause the OS to go AWOL. After swapping the card for a new one (same nVidia make/model card as before) and inspecting the old card, my suspicions were true: the old card had some mild burn marks on a couple of chips, which meant that the card had started overheating and frying itself. One good solution to prevent this is to take the card out of the Mac Pro and blast every crevice and the fan with compressed air to prevent dust and dirt buildup and keeping it running smoothly.
  • Answer to: How do I open iPod?

    There are repair guides for nearly every iPod model on this page. Find your model and read the guides.
  • Answer to: What should I replace on iPhone 3GS shattered screen?

    From what you wrote, it sounds like all you need to replace is just the front display assembly (the entire front panel including glass). When you do the repair work for this, you'll get a chance to see just how extensive the damage was. But if the LCD is working fine, then it sounds like nothing serious was damaged. Buy the Front Display Assembly; that'll give you a brand new front and glass.
  • Answer to: Kernel Panic at boot screen

    Hi Rick, what version of OS X are you running?
  • Answer to: headphone jack on logic board broken

    The headphone jack is a modular part, so you can easily replace it with this part. Also, check to make sure that the connector is seated correctly on the board. If the connector itself is broken, then it may be possible to solder it back on if you're careful.