Completed Guides


  • iPod Classic Hard Drive Replacement

    i couldn't get the plastic opening tool in between the 2 sections. i ended up using two razor blades instead of the plastic tools and the putty knife, i was able to replace the hard drive with very little struggle and almost no cosmetic damage(not that i care what the thing looks like)

  • iPad 2 CDMA Front Panel Replacement

    i used a hair drier instead of the microwave thing and it worked fine, also the replacement kit i bought on ebay for $22 did not come with the new adhesive, so be sure you get everything you need if not ordering from ifixit. I did get 2 small smudges on the LCD, these came off very easily with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol. My glass was shattered completely, so the guitar pick was of little use. I mostly had to scrape the tiny shards off with a 3/32" standard screwdriver. superb guide!!