• Answer to: Wet phone, works for 15 minutes

    Rice is the same as doing nothing---just letting time go by for corrosion to set in. Pass it on! Water damage is really hit or miss, but the biggest factor is time, and not trying to turn it on. If you grab that phone out of the toilet and rush it straight to the iPhone ED for some emergency disassembly and an immediate isopropanol bath----it will be fine 95%+ of the time. If you do nothing, or leave in rice--essentially same thing---for a few weeks, then the save rate drops to 50%. After a year outside, you can still save 5% of phones----it is hit or miss. This phone may or may not be salvageable----for the iPhone 5, since most of its logic board is covered by soldered on EMI shields, you need to get it to a professional that will desolder the shields to do a full water damage cleaning (ask them, most won't). jessa
  • Answer to: Mini pad doesn't turn on by on button or pressing chane button

    plug it in. if it is recognized by iTunes, then it is a backlight problem. repairable. jessa
  • Answer to: won't power up, no light on screen

    You're right--it is either screen or board. No choice but to rule out screen with a known good LCD. I have seen this kind of thing before---but usually it would be post-drop damage or water damage. Never out of the blue. A bad LCD will behave like this, but so will serious logic board problems. I have seen both. The chiming is typical---iPad yelp like that when they have a backlight problem, and knock it off when the problem is fixed. Sometimes it is the device prompting you to enter 'trust this computer' on the screen. If I were you I'd take it to a local shop and ask them to slap an iPad 3 LCD on there and see what happens. jessa
  • Answer to: iPhone 5 Screen won't rotate

    i would definitely rule out software first, but yes, there is an accelerometer chip that can be replaced on the logic board. there are also a couple of very tiny filters that control the screen rotation function that are very very close to the edge of the logic board---have you ever removed the battery in this phone? could be pry damage if so. but yes, this can probably be solved with some logic board work. jessa
  • Answer to: water damaged, after cleening, it wont turn on at all

    "Cleaning" an iphone 5 without desoldering the EMI shields is pretty much the same as doing nothing (in my experience.) Jessa
  • Answer to: Backlight issue => bad connector screen solderings?

    Most likely problem = short on backlight coil. Your backlight filters are not the components that are burned/corroded in your picture, but they are near--you should replace them and backlight coil. You will certainly have corrosion under those shields--desolder and clean. Jessa Yes those pins are bad---and so are your backlight filters--i circled them for you. You need to get all that fixed up if you want your display to work---and given that you have obvious corrosion in the areas you can see, I would bet that you would also be highly likely to have corrosion in the areas you can't see under the EMI shields covering 90% of the board. Get them off, get everything cleaned, replace all your damaged components---otherwise you'll have a dead phone soon enough---that's just the way it seems to go. jessa
  • Answer to: Digitizer Cable Folding Correctly

    Yes--fold toward the LCD, then tuck under
  • Answer to: iPhone cant find network after fall.

    This is pry damage from battery removal. Inspect the board and you will find the knocked off component. Find someone to replace and you'll be fine. If you can't find local board-level help, feel free to contact me via my profile Jessa
  • Answer to: Grey screen and no sound

    Your choices are LCD problem or board problem. Start with LCD first. Replace and see what happens. You can text the new screen by just plugging g it into its sockets on the logic board without having to take the whole phone apart. Jessa
  • Answer to: Do I just need to get a new one

    What device is this? Not an iPad first gen 3G---you can't put iOS7 on a first gen. Do you mean an iPad 3? And no. You don't need to get a new one. Replace your digitizer and you'll be fine. You do need to know which device first!