• Nexus 7 2nd Generation Teardown

    After tearing down the entire tablet, I had gotten to the final step of removing the glass from the display frame. The tutorial says "The front glass is adhered to the display frame, meaning you'll need a heat gun to get the LCD out". This single step took much longer to do than the rest of the tear down combined. The adhesive that is used to secure the glass to the display frame is shockingly strong. I used the heat gun and you really need heat resistant gloves to be able to hold the metal frame after it's been heated up. Not only that, as brittle as the screen is, it just shattered every time I made any progress. This tutorial doesn't say anything about needing double sided adhesive but after finally removing all of the old glass off of the frame, the adhesive was gone. So, if you are going to remove the glass from the frame, be aware that it will not come off easy AND after it does come off, you will need adhesive to fix it to the frame.