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  • iPhone 4S will not charge

    I recently did a repair on an iPhone 4S and now it will not charge. I have already tried replacing both the battery and the d...


  • Answer to: Why can't I hear the volume without using a bluetooth?

    It sounds like your speakers need to be replaced. You can follow the iPhone 4 Speaker Enclosure Replacement guide if you want to replace it yourself. You can purchase a replacement speaker assembly here:
  • Answer to: Replacing touchscreen on 5C

    After looking at step 6 of the iPhone 5c Teardown, I do not believe the battery has to be removed from the phone to replace the front panel assembly. Although it does not look like it has to be removed, it is still recommended that you remove the battery connector from the logic board before doing any repairs on your phone.
  • Answer to: Can I use iOpener and iSclack to open iPod touch?

    I have successfully used the iOpener to open an iPod touch, and it worked well. I guess an iSclack could technically be used to open an iPod, but I personally would not use it because of the adhesive. The best way to open it is probably by using the iOpener and prying picks.
  • Answer to: Why is my touch screen not working?

    First off, try checking the connection between the digitizer cable and the logic board. If it is not connected properly, that could be causing the issue. If that does not solve the issue, you may have to replace the whole screen again since it is possible that the digitizer cable was broken in the process of repairing your iPod.
  • Answer to: How to permanently disable wifi

    That should permanently disable wifi without interfering with any other functions of the phone except for bluetooth because the wifi and bluetooth antenna are one part. If it does happen to interfere with something else, you can always reinstall the wifi antenna.
  • Answer to: My iPod camera is not working

    First, try performing a hard reset on your iPod by simultaneously holding down on the power button and home button until you see the Apple logo. If this does not fix the issue, try checking the connection of camera cable to the logic board.
  • Answer to: Want to replace glass only.

    According to this guide, the glass and the LCD are separate and separable by heating it to soften the adhesive
  • Answer to: replacing front glass screen

    Follow this guide to take off the screen on the dead iPhone then follow the guide again to replace the cracked screen on the other phone with the screen from the dead phone.
  • Answer to: Can I install logic board to iPhone?

    You can replace the logic board by using this guide: iPhone 4S Logic Board Replacement I just checked eBay and the only logic boards I found that were in that price range were bare boards, which do not have any of the chips or connectors on the logic board. Before you order one, make sure that it is not a bare board.
  • Answer to: What happened with my iPhone?

    If the solutions described in the other answers do not work, it sounds like you have an issue with your digitizer. I had a similar problem with my iPod touch before. If the digitizer is the problem, you'll have to replace the screen.