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  • Motorola Droid 2 Front Panel Replacement

    This phone is also called the Motorola Milestone 2. On my phone the keyboard screws were T3 as stated. It did not have the rubber cover over the battery connector in step 16. I had to replace the screen so I heated the old one slightly over a gas flame to help remove the adhesive and carefully lifted it off the front panel after step 32. The new screen already had a self adhesive backing so just dropped into place. I'm not sure it was necessary to peel back the LCD ribbon in step 26 as I was not replacing the LCD?

  • Repairing Motorola Defy Display

    Do not try to force the glass from the frame! First gently heat the glass near the sides using a hot air gun or simply by holding it over a small gas stove flame (at least 15cm away). The heat must not be enough to burn your hand and therefore not damage the plastic either! Just gently push on the inside of the glass until it starts to separate from the frame. Any force can warp or damage the frame so be patient.

    You cannot simply reverse the instructions to reassemble! An important step is to clean the remaining traces of adhesive with a cotton bud dipped in some alcohol, and then apply strips of special 2mm wide, black, elastic double-sided adhesive tape to the frame in preparation to glue in the new screen and digitizer. Ensure you cut the tape so it does not obstruct any of the holes for the 4 home key LEDs, earphone, proximity detector, etc. Then remove the backing from the tape and the new screen, pass the ribbon cable through the slot, and drop the screen into place.

  • Repairing Motorola Defy Display

    Also remove the SIM card. (You do not need to remove the micro SD card.)

  • iPhone 4 Logic Board Replacement

    On my phone the "washer" that the 1.4mm screw goes into I think is actually the mounting post that had come detached. I realize afterwards there was therefore no point removing this screw, but I did remove (and put it back afterwards) by holding onto the loose post/washer with tweezers to prevent it turning.

  • iPhone 4 Headphone Jack & Volume Control Cable Replacement

    After reassembly the vibrator did not work. Fortunately it can be replaced simply by removing the back cover and going directly to this step. I suspect it just wasn't seated properly or the long screw was not in far enough. After refitting it is working.

  • iPhone 4 Headphone Jack & Volume Control Cable Replacement

    After replacing the volume buttons and putting the screws back in place, the buttons would not move and I had to loosen the 3 screws ever so slightly to achieve the right amount of travel for each of the two volume buttons. I think that some of the adhesive residue from the old buttons might have made the assembly a fraction of a millimeter thicker, so maybe I should have cleaned up the mounting plate properly before sticking on the new flex ribbon and buttons.

    The only way to get the corner screw into the mute assembly is to remove the headphone jack so the screwdriver can come in straight.