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  • Nexus One Teardown

    Quote from Jeff:

    So maybe it's just me, but the board in this picture (top row, second from the right) definitely seems to resemble a miniature Android.

    HA it totally does! Nice!

  • Nexus One Teardown

    Quote from Chris Green:

    And after some inspection, the ball/roller assembly looks similar, if not identical, to the one in my pearl, and may be a universal part.

    I pretty sure after looking at the pictures from the teardown that it looks like the trackball from the blackberrys. Although, there doesn't look like there is an easy way of getting it out easily from the looks of it.

    Quote from Miroslav Djuric:

    Feels just like a BlackBerry trackball, but only time will tell...

    That is true. Hopefully good cause I really want this phone. It looks awesome.

  • Nexus One Teardown

    so my question is...will the trackball get dirty and look ugly/gross like all those blackberrys i see around?