• Microsoft Surface Pro Teardown

    Awesome pic!

    I think that puts it all in perspective... so big storage yes, big fast storage, not so much.

    (i.e. no UHS-II level fast transfer, which would have been near SATA speeds I guess)

    Next time Gadget... Next tiiiime!!

  • Microsoft Surface Pro Teardown

    Is there any indication as to whether the MicroSDXC reader (on either Surface) would support the new, higher speed UHS-I or UHS-II cards?

    The reader would have an extra row of pins to get higher data rates. The Surface team on Twitter has been delightfully evasive - saying they support all cards on the market.

    I want to know if they support the cards with the faster transfer rates (above 100MB/sec)!

    Which requires extra pins...

    For reference: