• PlayStation 4 Teardown

    Clearly XBOX One beats the PS4 in repairability. How the score is tied is a little mind boggling. I would say XBOX One 9 out of 10 and PS4 6.5 out of 10. To many pieces and a Heat sink that clearly fights back. Also just because you can remove the PS4 HDD easily doesn't give it a plus point. Still have to open the dang system up. XBOX One you just plug in a External HDD....boom done! Simple as returning the ring to Mordor and tossing it into Orodruin. (that was for the ifixit crew)

  • HTC One Teardown

    What's that saying.....Wouldn't touch that with a 10ft pole??? lol I fix iPhones and other electronic devices but no chance in h$!! I'm touching this phone. You lost me after prying the thing apart. Would've been killer if the ribbon cable was directly underneath screen but nope let's not make it possible at all to fix a cracked screen or really anything that goes wrong with the phone. I wouldn't trust any shop to work on it let alone wireless stores. Sad only option is a refurbished unit or pony up for a new "One".