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    Button plastic can be changed only when separating glass. If cable is broken it is a new screen assembly This is the reason i use SOFTHOME app. Virtual homebutton that float. Because if homebutton breaks its crap to use phone.
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    Hi. Dont bother changing! I use virtual homebutton and its SO good. Download app SOFTHOME start and enable. Now you have a floating green house which Is homebutton. I never use hard home as I love that ALL buttons are on screen. Good luck LisbethSighFehrmann
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    But also alot harder to change. :-) everybody can replace the full assembly as it is only one connector. Good luck replacing - it's great to fix stuff yourself :-)
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    The home button press a small swith that is attached to a cable on the inside of the screen. It's dead easy to take it apart, check video on youtube a guy called les5on makes grest walkthoughs. Have done it myself on S3 and galaxy Y. Do rember to ground yourwelf each time youve been moving around. Or get an antisratic wrist strap.
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    Cleaned mine out with isopropyl 99% (NOT the 35%). ALL parts soaked in it, but carefull with the rubber parts ie. Speaker as it can dissolve. Cleaned board and all pieces with soft toothbrush. You can scrub the motherboard quite hard as components are attached very well. Dry out with silicabags. I keep my bags in an open container on the heater and when i use I put all parts in it and close firmly. I measured humidity inside to 18% when room is 65% humidity. Left it in there for 2 days. Assembled and works fine again. Had a water damage and tonnes of fungi everywhere inside!!