• Answer to: Digitizer freaks out when laid flat on the frame

    I can confirm that transferring the black "nylon" tape from original digitizer to the new solves the issue 100% Not sure why these aren't coming out of china with the tape already on it. Just being cheap I suppose. Big thanks to Alex Nguyen for the solution. It has been driving me nuts. I've done about 60 mini's at this point (with no tape). Hope there aren't problems.
  • Answer to: Does the new iPad Mini with Retina display use the same glass?

    I am a shop in Los Angeles and took one apart today. It is 100% a different glass. Same size and same ic chip, but the glass has a purple hue to it. Very disappointing cause now we have yet another part to take a year to come down in price. Update: By sight it is noticeable, instantly. I am thinking that the purple hue increases the contrast. Did Apple really add a "retina" display or is just tricking us with this tinted glass...hmmmmmm??? The customer I had was happy with the repair and didn't mind the "normal" glass. I would think that taking it to apple for any warranty the 'genius' would notice, but be all know how un-genius they can be.


  • iPad 4 Wi-Fi Teardown

    ****There is a new ribbon that is connected to the home button. Be cautious when opening the bottom left corner as to not tear it.