• Answer to: Where did you get the screwdriver?

    I found a set of torque bits on Ebay for $5.00 free shipping that will cover this repair- includes T3-T8 torque bit screwdrivers. However, the best quality one that I own is from LOWES- brand is kobalt model # 239384 and price was $6.98 at my local LOWES. Its one screwdriver small with rubber grips that has a holster in the handle that you pull out to reveal bits T4-T10 (the T4 bit is small and will fit T4 and T3- I've always used it for T3 with no issues), and you can grab the one you need and pop the bit in the torque screwdriver for whatever project your working on.
  • Answer to: sucessful replacement of driod 3 screen?

    I am very experienced in repairing broken screens on androids and Iphones. I have a motorola droid 3 xt862 taken apart now for the 2nd time. I replaced the glass digitizer with a new one replacement part I ordered online- just taken out of package. I refer to youtube for disassembly videos each time I'm working with a new model to me. There were 2 good videos on youtube that I watched as I did the repair. I've put the phone back together and had a digitizer that didn't work. Twice now. (I did a 2nd tear down and reassembled to be sure I didn't miss a connection or something, and I didn't). So I'm at a loss. I've replaced the screen with a brand new one- and after repairing (or attempting to) the motorola droids that i have to present day, I think that motorola has incorporated into the design some type of element that prevents the digitizer from working once replaced. If not, then I don't understand how a brand new part won't work when I am 100% sure I've completed the repair exactly as it should be done with...