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  • iMac Intel 21.5" EMC 2544 2nd Drive Replacement

    Hi, thanks for your comment for explain that detail. As you can see on the apple store page, there are two models for 21.5''. Very few imacs of the cheapest model have the connector and most 2.7 GHz imacs don't have the connector its showed on the teardown of iFixit. On the other hand the more expensive model 2.9 GHz customizable to 3.1 GHz it has the connector soldered on the logic board. When the iMac was released, the cheapest model didn't had customize with fusion drive but the most expensive it had it. Today all models of imac have fusion drive. I wrote that it isn't compatible because it may not have the connector

  • Microsoft Surface Pro Teardown

    If that isn't tar, What's that? It looks alike, and it says that it's close in function, appearance, and smell