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  • Mac Pro Late 2013 Teardown

    Clever, clever, clever! Now if Apple designers would just apply this same brilliance to make their laptops, particularly the MBA, equally accessible. As a writer, I can't afford gear I can't fix easily. I'm stuck with an aging white MacBook until Apple delivers on that.

    --Michael W. Perry, My Nights with Leukemia: Caring for Children with Cancer

  • iPad Mini Retina Display Teardown

    Instead of all that glue, Apple should look into using high-quality Velcro. It'd bind in place as well as glue and be easier to remove than glue or screws.

  • iPad Air Teardown

    Those who'd like to understand Apple's design philosophy need look no further than a popular folk song from the 1960s, Malvina Reynolds "Little Boxes." Below are the relevant words. Simply substitute "in my hand" for "on the hillside." Even the lack of upgradability in newer Macs is there in "they all look just the same." Notice also the emphasis on different colors as if that distinction mattered much.

    Little boxes on the hillside, /

    Little boxes made of ticky tacky, /

    Little boxes on the hillside, /

    Little boxes all the same. /

    There's a green one and a pink one /

    And a blue one and a yellow one, /

    And they're all made out of ticky tacky /

    And they all look just the same. /

    For those who are interested, Youtube has the composer singing it.

    Sad. Apple could do better than this. There profit margins are more than large enough to eliminate the need for so much ticky tacky. They could also give us gear we could tailor to suit our needs, not little boxes that look all the same.