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  • Answer to: Unable to stop Digitizer from popping up

    My opinion is that the first reason for pushing up is the digitizer flat cable being folded and pinched between the glass and the aluminum frame. If the digitizer is popping up first and foremost right above where the flat cable is situated, it means the above is true. If the digitizer is getting loose right about every where, then you could be using the inadequate kind of double tape. I posted a link in the other review to the kind I've been using for the past year, and it holds everything perfectly in place. Note that by following the exact steps in my review, I never have to use a book to weigh down on the digitizer. It just sits perfectly in place. It could also be that the aluminum frame/case of the iPad is dented or bent (even slightly), not allowing the glass to fit in place. I'll post later a picture of an iPad Mini that I'm repairing for you to see how I do it, in case it helps.
  • Answer to: Water damage caused the screen to go black, but still touch responsive

    You seem lucky enough to have your iPod still powering on and working despite what it went through. It seems no major component on the board was damaged. I would suggest opening your iPod, cleaning it from the inside (the logic-board) with "contact spray" or isopropyl alcohol (at least 85%), slightly and LIGHTLY brushing it with a very soft/used toothbrush, drying with a hair-dryer, then replacing the screen with a new one. This would help remove corrosion and soap residue, to avoid any further damage to any components on the board; because I'm assuming that the water and detergent that got into your iPod may have caused the board components to start corroding, and damage would potentially appear in a while.
  • Answer to: Unable to stop Digitizer from popping up

    Hi Ben, I answered in length to a similar question, please review it here and let me know if the explanation's clear enough. Good luck!
  • Answer to: iPhone 4 charger NOT working even after replacing dock connector

    Hi Omar, I would bet that you have a couple of damaged components (filters, capacitors, resistors) that have gone bad or broken off the board, moreover if you used a cheap "fake/copy" charger, or have lately removed or replaced your battery (before the fault started happening). These components gone bad typically cause this double fault: not charging, and not detected by your computer. Since you have your friend's phone on hand, and if his phone is working perfectly, I would suggest installing your logic board in his phone, to see if your logic board inside his phone will charge/sync when it is connected to a good charger or a computer. If it works properly, you are lucky and the fault lies within the accessories (charging dock, cable, etc.). If it still doesn't charge/sync, your logic board is the culprit and you need to have someone look at it who have the capacity to repair such issues. As a precaution, DON'T install your friend's logic board in your phone. Good luck!
  • Answer to: which tool kit to use to completely open iPhone 4 cdma

    Hi, You mainly need a pentalobe #2 for the first 2 screws, Phillips #0 or #00 for the guts, a pair of tweezers, a couple of plastic opening tools. All the above can be found in the iFixit Pro Tech Tool Kit.
  • Answer to: Home Button Repair - Contact point?

    iFixit does sell the lightning connector and headphone jack assembly. And this assembly includes the 2 home button contact pins. This is the part that you should be replacing. You just can't see those pins on the picture because they are on the other "side" of one of the flat cables. One additional note: you can source the assembly from suppliers other than iFixit for a cheaper price (down to $10), however this is a critical spare part that may fail often if poorly made, also may adversely affect the battery, the logic board, the charger and the lightning cable. Consider this before buying a cheap connector.
  • Answer to: What should I do after I spill liquid on my device?

    I had some experience with liquid spills: water, wine, screen cleaner, etc. In addition to all what was written above, I would add: - Go about it slowly. Don't generalize, due to the so many places liquids can seep into and the extensive list of reactions, shorts, and damage they can cause. - Some means that seem extreme can be used when nothing else works and you have nothing to loose. Just do it gently and don't force it. - If it's working at first, and starts "working less," then stops working, it usually is due to corrosion. - If a whole "unit" is not working instead of parts of that unit (example: some key vs. the whole keyboard, or 1 button vs. the whole trackpad), it can be useful to look at the gate e.g. connectors and sockets for those connectors. - Completely dead is usually easier to fix than part dead, speaking from the experience I've had. Have faith :) I'll illustrate with a few examples: - An unusual fix? I had a Vaio trackpad with coffee spilled in it, that wouldn't work. It was sandwiched bet...
  • Answer to: Still getting a searching sign.

    You are getting the "searching" sign with the SIM both inside and outside the phone? Look at Settings => General => About => Baseband and IMEI numbers. Are they there or missing? Are they complete? If something is missing you may have 2 issues: - Hardware baseband chip issue: I have the same issue and did not find a solution yet. Tried reflowing the baseband chip without success. - Software issue requiring a restore. However, if you restore your iPhone and the baseband chip is damaged, you may become stuck in restore mode. If you're willing to take that chance, at least back-up your data first.
  • Answer to: ipad glue/adhesive doesn't stick properly

    There are many things you have to be aware of: you must have proper gluing AND a perfect fit. - Most important is to avoid compressing the folded digitizer cable, which will damage it and may cause the digitizer to become non-responsive, or cause ghost-typing (works alone). - Clean the iPad (the aluminum side) very well with isopropyl alcohol (85%+) or goo-off to remove the old glue. Don't do so with the digitizer which is delicate and may be scratched or damaged. - Check that everything is working properly (lcd, WiFi, front and back camera, volume up/down, mute, power) before regluing the digitizer. And check that the LCD and inside of the digitizer are clean. Use a dry lens clothe to clean any smudges or fingerprints. - Get double-sided tape: - Apply the double tape to the aluminum frame (cut it to fit, of course). - When re-gluing the digitizer, first fit in place the right-side ...
  • Answer to: earpiece speaker and proximity sensor NOT working.

    Hi, I would guess you did your repair, so this could be for other users having the same issue: The earpiece speaker and the proximity sensor are both connected through the same flat cable to the logic board. If they both stop working at the same time, I would first try to reseat the cables connecting the LCD-assembly to the logic board; especially if the iPhone has been tinkered with before and/or has been dropped. I have had iPhones 3GS' for repair, that were "visited" by other technicians before me, and for half of those the plastic tab holding in place flat cable #3 had been broken and removed. Hope this helps!


  • Removing iPad 3 4G Front Panel

    You'd better. The original bezel is glued. You can find 3mm fine/double-sided (black) tape on Amazon. I use it when I replace the bezel because they fit perfectly under the bezel. I use for all sorts of repairs on iPhones, Samsungs, etc. Such as this [one|]

  • iPhone 5 Power Button Replacement

    The power button is glued on the right side to a piece of foam. I found it easier to push the power button in without completely removing it (let it hinge on the foam/rubber), then slide the flat cable out with a pair of tweezers. Re-assembly should be easier and quicker this way.

  • iPhone 5 Logic Board Assembly Replacement

    The top/right standoff 2.7mm screw us made from aluminum. It is not equivalent to the remaining two 2.7mm standoffs. It should be kept apart and put back in its exact place.

    If you happen to mix it with the other 2 screws, it is easy to differentiate: since it is made from aluminum, it will not stick to the tip of the magnetized screwdriver or the magnetized mat.

  • MacBook Air 13" Mid 2013 Fan Replacement

    It is a lot easier to insert the flat ribbon in its socket before placing the fan back in place. BUT DO NOT YET FLIP BACK the retaining flap, until you have seated and screwed the fan. This way in case you pull on the fan by mistake, the flat ribbon is free to come out, otherwise you may tear it.

  • MacBook Air 13" Mid 2013 Logic Board Replacement

    When re-assembling the motherboard, attach all 6 screws but do not completely tighten yet.

    First make sure the rubber gasket is sitting properly, that the 7th screw hole (from Step 18) is properly aligned, and the Airport wire is sitting properly and also not caught under the heat sink.

    Once everything is well aligned, start tightening the screws while watching out for the alignment. I found it useful to keep an eye on screw-hole from Step 18 as a reference.

  • iPhone 5 Earpiece Speaker Replacement

    There a small square black plastic "gasket" next to the 2 copper contact points. Be sure it is back in place before putting back the screws holding the earpiece speaker in place.

  • I thought I had ESD safe practices all figured out.. until I read this!

    I was not even half-way there!

    Thanks a lot, very helpful..

  • I thought I had ESD safe practices figured out until I read this!

    Thanks for the info. Very helpful!

  • I love those statistics!!

    Great info: interesting, educating, and very very helpful to understand what is at stake.

    Also highlights an important issue: how we see ourselves vs. how others see us.

    I would go about doing it this way:

    - Define very precisely what "superior (or whatever good) customer service" is,

    - Make sure everyone sticks with those well-defined parameters, enforce the system at all cost!

    - Compare those parameters/behaviors with what customers actually expect and continuously adjust them accordingly...