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  • Answer to: Excessive Fan noise after being on for a while?

    When you open it up you will find apple in the titanium laptops have used the worlds smallest internal cooling fan (1cm x 1cm of actual fan blade airflow area). Also pointing in a wierd relation to the vent it sits next to , the thermal design on this laptop could not have been much worse from a design perspective, except say a bare chip ? I have replaced the thermal paste on mine neatly and precisely with top quality thermal paste it makes very little difference, as the poverty of design revolves around an inability to push the hot air out of the laptop, again another example of form over function, this laptops micro fan will kick in hard with no heavy load straight after boot up. The only way to correct excessive fan noise on the titanium models would be to completely re-design them. They are flawed by design.
  • Answer to: Impossible to change harddrive in new iMacs by myself?

    Apols this is not a solution jus wanted to agree with "Steven : Jan 30" I Totally agree with everything your saying about the way apple behaves with their product design choices and offerings those same flaws are all on my irritations list, now steve has passed perhaps we can rub some of this apple knows better than its customers … arrogance, re what they think we want from their products, out of apple, for every year they seem to engineer the products to their commercial benefit and not the customers, this trend seems unending and design is used as an excuse as to why.


  • MacBook Air 13" Mid 2013 Teardown

    since you took off the heatsink a reapply with mx4 would be good in future, temps before temps after etc, evaluate factory tim performance ? but since no ivy and haswell factory IHS & Tim lga based issues, core temps should be within a 1-3degs of each other with direct heat sink to cpu die contact, and not varying by 10 degrees like on the lga version when OC'ed hard.

  • AirPort Extreme A1521 Teardown

    Ok so im taking it from the teardown, that on the non time capsule version they havent soldered the sata port and power onto the logic board ? so there is no DIY upgrading to a time capsule ? well at least its repairability index is way higher than most of apples other products, im taking from the photos and layout that the device vents in and out of the same thin bottom grey stand, and as usual with apple no foam filtering so the fan will clog up with dust, or sitting on medium pile carpets as that will smother the vents, is it noisy ? what diameter is the fan ? looks titchy and prone to low flow an noise ? 60mm ?