I'm an Apple Certified Mac Technician, independent Mac Technician and also service PCs on the go. My friends, families, colleagues, co-workers at off-Mac businesses, neighborhood people and all others in contact call me to fix their computers and computing devices when in need.

I also service computers remotely, service iDevices such as iPhones and iPads. Love to work for those who need a quick pace guy that requires the minimum time possible to fix issues. It's all fun. I enjoy working with computing devices no matter what type or category they are of. I'm a guy Jack of all computing devices, Master of none.

I research Mac technology and write about issues and fixes at http://gopuru.com/. I'm working at The Mac Support Store as a Certified Mac Technician. You may ask me any complicated issues via my site if you want relevant answers and instructions.

Meanwhile, I'm seeking job to work as a full-time Computer Technician. If you are looking for a self-esteemed, good learner, quick starter, manageable servicer, honest technician and the guy that knows how to apply time and effort most feasible way possible, let me know of your interest. Write to me at mailpuru@aol.com.

I'm father of my one girl-child. I, my wife Saru and daughter Princess live together happily renting an Apartment at Jackson Heights, NY. I drive so we sometime go for a pleasant long drive. It's all fun in managing good family bonds.

If you are seeking a reliable Mac technician, you may hire me to work with you persistently. I may not know much, but I know how to resolve issues and so I apply the way it should be saving time, money and energy. I'm a Mac kind of guy: manageable, clean and reliable. I can be reached at mailpuru@aol.com or 917.698.6522.