• Answer to: Is backlit keyboard compatible with MacBook?!

    I just installed a used Keyboard Backlight on the MacBook A1278. It works great. I fortunately have a motherboard with a connector for the Backlight. Apparently not all A1278 Macbooks have the connector, so check before you buy. I got it from ebay for $5.95 (L2 Computer Inc. NY).


  • MacBook Pro 17" Unibody Battery Replacement

    * There is no tab on the A1297 (late 2011) model's battery connector. Be careful with the connector, it chips off the edges easily! Otherwise the same as bhodges2 & Stephen's notes.

    ** (Pleas also include the exact Model and Part numbers like P/N: MD311D/A; Mod.: A1297 in the comments and notes for your MBP)