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  • Answer to: Adding 4 gig ram

    I haven't seen the MBA board, so my answer will be more generic. If the memory is soldered onto the board (and we build h/w where we solder flash chips on mother boards for differnet deployments - expensive routers!), to replace/upgrade/or modify those chips, we send them to factory. Precision soldering is required, it is not to be done at home (too fine a work for home, unless you have done this same exact work before and done it well everytime). Even after factory re-work, some boards/assembly simply fail (shorted etc). Definitely not worth the risk unless you have direct access to a mother board assembly factory and someone does it for you over there. cheers


  • iPad 3 4G Teardown

    what is the digitizer pixel density? If I want to use a "notepad" type application, what clarity am I going to get on a line I draw with a touch-panel pen? drawing, network diagrams etc would be great on this iPad if its digitizer density matches its display pixel density.

  • iPad 3 4G Teardown

    What is the "pixel density" of the "Digitizer"? By that I mean, if I am creating a "notepad" type application using a fine-tip touch-panel pen, what kind of granurality (or clarify) am I going to draw on the LCD panel? Is the digitizer the same density as the display pixel density? I hope so!!