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    I just removed the logicboard, and battery, gently blew any dust and dirt that was there, and carefully put everything back together. Held down the power button for a few seconds and voila the phone turns on and works perfectly! I'm assuming it took a bounce something popped loose along the way and just needed to be reconnected. markeeinsik i hope your issue is as simple as this.
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    if the battery is dead, if i were to plug it in to itunes would i even get a response? I'm just wondering if its the dock connector or battery. I've noticed a crack in the back housing (a bit bigger then the normal cracking near the dock connector) so thinking this one took a bit of a bounce at some point. screen isn't cracked.


  • iPhone 4 Logic Board Replacement

    INCREDIBLE! Steve this probably happens to people all the time. The "very small spring contact that is under the shield and around the 4.8 mm screw" I will elaborate on. It's not so much around the 4.8mm screw as it actually part of the assembly where the 4.8 mm screw is tightened. I added an arrow to this picture to visually illustrate:

    I had no wifi at all until this was present. I had overlooked the piece and spent hours trying to figure out where it went. BIG THANK YOU to Steve for his comment. After fixing, my wifi was perfect.