• iPhone 5s Teardown

    Why do you need to replace the adhesive at all? The battery has no room to move inside the phone anyway. It seems the battery is only glued in to discourage DIY replacement.

  • iPhone 4 Rear Panel Replacement

    My method for hardware management during delicate phone surgery is to take and print out on 8.5"x11' paper, one or more pictures of the open phone in various stages of disassembly, and then tape the screws to the appropriate spots on the pictures. Also write numbers on the pictures next the screws to indicate the order in which you removed them.

  • iPhone 4 Home Button Replacement

    iFixit is to commended for this very detailed guide, but you may not need to go through this 30+ step process. Before ripping up your phone, try this simple no-risk fix. It seems to have fixed my button. Maybe it won't last, but it might get me through my contract.