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  • Answer to: Intermittent display screen related to angle?

    I live in the southwestern tip of VT in a rural area. This is NOT apple country. The nearest apple store worth driving to is in Albany 60 miles away. There's a place called Small Dog--just opened in Rutland VT recently--but I need an approximate price of repair--given my limited funds and 06 laptop... ifixit helped me with the Ram upgrade, and then a HD transplant...I just don't have the overview of what else could go wrong...If it was a car, I'd be askin' if it's more like I'm going for a 'classic car' or is it a loosing proposition? Is there a different fix (something with an easy rating) that is a more contained component swap (as the HD replacement was) ? Thanks! HAPPY SUMMER!
  • Answer to: How to create space on a Hard drive that is almost full?

    Can I ACCEPT them ALL? I will rank order them for you and me. 1) 1 Mayer - Short and to the point. But then...I do want to learn more about how my computer works, so I found ABCellars and Adam Hinz so informative... 1) 2 ABCellars and Adam Hinz 1) 3 Katzmatt2 is over my head...but I will check out a disk usage analyzer. That's my acceptance speech THANK YOU EVERYONE. for the site and the info!