• Answer to: Does anybody know where this 2mm plastic part has to be placed?

    If that black part is rubbery (not a necessary part), it is a spacer on the lower microphone flex portion of the Charging Port Assembly flex. Under the speaker assembly and stuck on by adhesive to the mic flex right adjacent to the dock port by the home button flex connector. See step 17 of the dock replacement, this part is near the spudger tip on top of the gold color mic flex. iPhone 4 Dock Connector Replacement
  • Answer to: People Cant Hear Me When I Put Speaker Phone On?

    The iPhone 4 and 4S are the same two mics. Your problem is the top mic, first step is to clean, blow out the small pin hole at top of iPhone. If still problem, carefully clean it out with straightened small staple.
  • Answer to: Lost 3.6 mm standoff screws

    Putting the iPhone back together without these two screws will not cause any problems, that I can predict. The upper one (mid logic board), you will lack screw hole for one side of dock flex connector cover plate, should be no issue. The lower one, you will not have the logic board held down next to the battery connector, and you will lack screw hole for the battery flex connector, should be no issue -- until you remove battery in future, the logic board will not be perfectly held down here when you remove the battery flex connector, it will pull up the logic board a bit, but should not be a problem, but be very careful when removing the battery flex connector from the logic board as always.
  • Answer to: No sound from the speaker, but coming through the headphones.

    If the ringer works when you receive a call, and the volume buttons when pressed do not show the slash mark level indicators, then it is charging port problem. Clean iPhone charging port with toothbrush and isopropyl alcohol. If still problem, the replacement part is charging port assembly with flex cable, lower microphone, and connector for the home button flex, all a single part.
  • Answer to: Think its docked, volume bar is gone.

    Yes. The replacement part is iPhone 4S charging port assembly with flex cable, lower microphone, and connector for home button flex.
  • Answer to: White screen when put to sleep

    This problem is due to faulty LCD Display. Replace the LCD Display. Make sure iPhone is OFF when you replace it, or you will damage the LCD Display, or the logic board.
  • Answer to: Does anyone know where this small piece belongs?

    That is the major component of a button, either one of the volume buttons or the power button. My guess is the power button. The iPhone buttons are made like a clam-shell, this is the upper, side that is pushed of the button. It is just a simple sheet of Kaptan tape (sticker) and a small saucer of metal, which is the click when it is pressed and inverts. As it inverts it contacts the other side of the clam-shell, the contact completes the circuit and the button response is sent to the logic board.
  • Answer to: iPhone 4 doesnt power / turn on after screen repair

    Carefully reconnect charging port flex cable to the logic board. This is all you need to get life out of logic board. Also check the four battery connector pins which are soldered to the logic board, to be certain they are not damaged or lifted.
  • Answer to: Where does this small rubbery part go during reassembly?

    This is a non-essential part. It is the cushion for the two front screen flex cables as they bend over the top of the logic board. The groove of this rubber cushion loosely sits on the logic board top edge, (with the wider side down as you work, I believe).
  • Answer to: How do I turn my iPhone 4 volume back on?

    Clean iPhone charging port very well with toothbrush and isopropyl alcohol. If still problem, next step would be replacement of charging port assembly with flex cable, lower mic, and home button flex connector, all a single part.