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  • iPad 3 4G Front Panel Assembly Replacement

    It's best when replacing the front panel to power on the iPad once the new panel is connected to test the digitizer before exposing and laying down the glue for the front panel!

  • iPod Touch 4th Generation Front Panel Replacement

    I couldn't get a spudger in-between this space, so I went to the side where the three screws were on the left hand side and worked my way towards the bottom to separate the glue...

  • iPod Touch 4th Generation Front Panel Replacement

    When installing the new panel, it can be quite hard to get the connector onto the board with only one set of hands. You will need to use a second person to hold the iPod and the new front panel in such a way that the connector lines up, then use your tweezers to press the new connector in place. It's pretty much impossible to do with only one person...