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  • Answer to: anodized aluminum back panel

    Yes they are sold at many places online. They range from $80-$150. Here's a trusted dealer to go through: Or use these guys to do it for you:
  • Answer to: iPhone 5 screen is loose

    I would recommend to either get a case that would not allow it to move. Like Dustin said you cannot just buy the glass and replace it that way. It requires very expensive equipment to do that. I would also look up your serial on Apple's website and see if it's under warranty. If it is, then schedule a Genuis Bar appointment at the nearest Apple store to see if they would swap out the part or phone for you.
  • Answer to: Sim card not recognized. After replacing tray twice?

    Have you tried getting a new SIM card?
  • Answer to: ds cartridge stuck inside disk drive

    Take a flashlight and see how far in the cartridge is. If it is in reach, see if you can gently move it towards the front with something thin and plastic that won't damage the internals of the drive.
  • Answer to: power button not working

    Your only 2 options are to let it discharge on its own or disconnect the battery, which you should do with any repair to begin with.
  • Answer to: HTC one ...Got wet ...wont charge or to fix it?

    For future reference anytime your phone gets in contact with water immediately put it in a bag or container of uncooked rice. The water has damaged the board. If you are not experienced with repairing phones, I would recommend finding a repair shop that does water damage "repairs". The quicker it's done, the higher chance of reviving your phone.
  • Answer to: Rainbow Colours on my lcd

    Your LCD is most likely broken. I would recommend replacing the LCD.
  • Answer to: Weak Cellular after Battery Replacement

    The grounding clip is important, hence why Apple even included it. Unless your hands were really dirty when you repaired your phone I doubt the oils would cause this. Did you remove anything other than what was listed above? Such as the antenna cable that is attached to the logic board by the battery terminal?
  • Answer to: The touch on my 4s doesn't respond

    So you have replaced the screen assembly with a new one? If this is the case I recommend either taking it to a repair shop to attempt to repair the water damage, or try repairing it on your own.
  • Answer to: BB Z10 dropped into water and the motherboard got bad.

    Sadly you're stuck with a damaged phone or you can buy a used z10 and swap the boards.