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  • Answer to: What should I do w/ random GSoD?

    Kernel panics are almost always hardware related. Once in awhile they come from poorly written software, but you were right to replace the RAM. Apple is also pretty good about helping you diagnose these problems. If you are convenient to an Apple Store, make an appointment with a genius and they'll put it through its paces to see what's causing the problem. Another tool I'd strongly suggest for your arsenal is Tech Tools. A copy comes with AppleCare or you can buy the Pro version. (If you already have AppleCare but lost the CD, you can download it here by entering the serial number of your machine:
  • Answer to: How do you get to 6gb of ram? And why not 8?

    I agree with Gabe's explanation. The best place to purchase your upgraded memory is from In my experience, they have the right memory for your Mac. I owned the same model and tried to upgrade it with a chip from Kingston which brought my laptop to it's knees. The chip tested good, but my MBP would only work when it was removed. When I returned it and bought the chip from macsales, everything worked.


  • Optical Drive Enclosure Faceplate

    So I'm confused about the Optical Drive Bracket, the one that originally held the DVD-CD drive. I had an awful time remounting the kit into that bracket as the screws didn't line up correctly. I finally got everything to fit, less one of the four holding screws. Did anyone else experience this problem? I would have expected a much better alignment for this assembly considering the quality of the iFixIt site.

    For the record, the upgrade went fine with a SanDisk Extreme II 480GB SSD, but that one step was next to impossible, and not covered in any detail by the instructions.

  • iMac Intel 24" EMC 2267 Display Panel Replacement

    By far this was the most difficult cable to reconnect. I enlisted a second person to hold the display after I unscrewed the power supply (Torx 10, 4 screws) and was able to give my fingers adequate room to securely reattach it. There's no need to do this when disconnecting the power supply, but it would take more nimble fingers than mine to reattach it without loosening the power supply.

  • Removing Apple Time Capsule Model A1302 Hard Drive

    Thanks for the instructions. It made everything easy to do as your instructions were excellent. I was working on a first generation 1TB TC (A1254) whose drive had gone bad. I removed it and decided not to replace it. I'm now using the TC solely as a Airport Express to extend my wireless signal throughout the house. It fired up perfectly and has the added advantage of running much, much cooler.