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  • Answer to: How easy is it to get to the HD?

    Craig, thanks for your answer. However, I really can't risk it. So I would appreciate if someone who knew told me about the non-squeezing-way. ^^
  • Answer to: How to remove logic board?

    @robwariii Could you please post a picture of what screws that should be removed? Would appreciate it! / Viktor
  • Answer to: How easy is it to get to the HD?

    I went into it at work. Yes it's that easy to GET TO the drive. However, to get it out is not as simple. I did not manage to do it at all. Since logic-board-removal is necessary, and ifixit does not explain to well what to do with those "blind holes", and I did not want to risk the computer. Hopefully all that's required is to just pull out the logicboard half an inch or so, for the drive to come free. Please let me know if anyone successfully replaces the harddrive. / Viktor


  • Mac Mini Mid 2010 Teardown

    Yeah, but what are you actually doing with the holes? Pressing? Pushing? Twiggling? Pulling?