Completed Guides


  • iBook G3 12" Top Shield Replacement

    The foil tape next to the trackpad connector is not marked in the pic

  • iBook G3 12" Upper Case Replacement

    This one is tiniest (shortist) so far

  • PowerBook G3 Pismo Airport Card Replacement

    On mine, the airport card had been put it with the orange ribbon OVER the top, so had to unplug the righthand connector and then plug it back in after (see pic for Step 8)

  • PowerBook G3 Pismo Heat Shield Replacement

    On my M7572, these are T9s not Philips.

  • PowerBook G4 Titanium DVI Hard Drive Replacement

    OK, so reassembly isn't quite as easy as that sounds (below). The hard drive doesn't rest on the bottom of the cavity, but hangs from the rubber bumpers which insert into recesses in the wall of the cavity. Getting this lined up is a pain. So, I attached a tape tab to the right hand side of the HD cover (not mentioned in these notes, but you should find the HD is wrapped on the underside in something like a stiff translucent wrapper, presumably to protect the exposed undersurface). I used about 1.25in of insulation tape attached to the undersurface of the wrapper and round the side of the HD, leaving about a .75in tab which I folded back on itself (to hide the sticky). Then I used this to help level the HD so I could insert the rubber bumpers on the right side. I left the tab attached (for next time :-).

    The other things is that it is hard to get the left hand screws in (which are in the side wall of the battery cavity. A good tip is to tip the whole computer up on its right edge so you can see the holes into which the screws fit and the screws stay there when you put them in!!

  • PowerBook G4 Titanium DVI Lower Case Replacement

    T9 is a better fit