• Answer to: Spilled OJ into my keyboard, how should I clean the inside components?

    I've seen this on multiple occasions and this is what I tell people. 1. Shut off your equipment ASAP. The worst possible thing that could happen is that an electronic component will get shorted out. Unplug everything, remove batteries. 2. Orange juice will leave a sticky residue and that must be removed. Disassemble what you can and clean off the components with water. Let it dry thoroughly. There's really no need to put it in an oven. Just be patient. This did happen to me recently and this approach worked.


  • iBook G3 12" DC-In Board Replacement

    Aren't 37 thru ~48 unnecessary? I seem to recall that you can take the DC-in board out by some creative wedging thru the opening, instead of having to take the rest of the front off. The screw that holds it in place is accessible.