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  • Answer to: Power button does not work.

    After seeing conflicting information I've just opened up an Early 2011 15" MBP and a Late 2011 13" MBP and both of these can definitely have just the keyboard changed (tons of little screws-but no rivets, as I believe is the case for Retina MBPs Early 2012 and later). Mayer, I've seen you giving this advice out in other threads, I don't think it's true for 2011 models. You're suggesting a repair that is in many cases more than a $100 more expensive than is necessary, and isn't even that much easier.
  • Answer to: Replacing HDD iMac intel 27" with Samsung EVO 840 SSD

    Hi Lawrence, You'll of course need an adapter because the new SSD is 2.5" and the previous 1TB is 3.5". Yes, the sensor for the temperature won't work correctly until you install special software (this is free, should work fine) or Generally the best method for upgrading would be to install the SSD, install Mavericks on it from scratch with (although for the time being you actually can't make an install USB with 10.6), then attach the old HDD via an external cable or case and follow the migration assistant steps that pop up after the installation. A Time Machine backup will work splendidly as well. I would avoid a direct copy of the disk because any problems you may have had with the old one will be copied onto the new one. Hopefully this helps. I have a similar setup with this same iMac, but I put my SSD where the optical drive is, and put a 3TB 3.5" HDD where the main drive goes.
  • Answer to: iPhone 4 proximity sensor not working after replacing BLACK GSM

    I have been buying "original" cables with this sensor now for some time, and only just started connecting the fact that the light sensor (not the proximity sensor) has been blacked out with a black permanent marker. They tend to work with all of my replacement screens, sometimes without the foam spacer/UV filter that goes over the proximity sensor. So, recently what I've done when the new screens don't work with the sensor right, is blacked out the light sensor (just one dab) then tested, and it always works, but sometimes I first have to remove the UV filter. In fact more often. Overall it has fixed it 100% so far! (aprox 10/10). Much easier than applying a foam spacer!
  • Answer to: iPhone 4 proximity sensor not working after replacing BLACK GSM

    I too have had this same problem (3 screens, two different manufacturers, 3 proximity sensors, the two different model numbers) where the sensor just wouldn't work. Tried restoring, didn't work. SOLUTION: Black marker over area for sensors on underside of screen.