• Mac Mini Mid 2010 Teardown

    That keeps the components from moving around and weakening the solder joints.

  • Uniden EXP 371 Teardown

    this guide is poorly written, please delete or improve it.

  • iPhone 4 Teardown

    thats not an accelerometer, thats the motor and weight for vibration, accelerometers are microchips and have no moving parts

  • iPod Touch 2nd Generation Teardown

    Quote from technobot:

    That is because Ram inside the device is getting so hot that it is nearly going to overheat so the iPod cleverly shuts down the application so it can free up RAM.

    Its not because the ram is overheating, the device doesnt generate enough heat for that to even be a factor, its because the ram is getting full.

  • iPad Wi-Fi Teardown

    Quote from TerraHertz:

    I haven't heard it, but 'clicking sound on sleep/wake' sounds more like bad design of the audio DtoA & amp, so that glitching sounds during circuitry power on/off switching and software initialization make it through to the speakers.

    This is the sort of screwup you'd expect in a $20 MP3 player, not an Apple iWhatever.

    its a intentional feature apple put in the device, all iPhone os devices do it, its to let the user know that the device is off or on, people like that sort of confrimation