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  • Answer to: How do I upgrade my Time Capsule's hard drive?

    before you remove the old drive, just copy the files on it to your internal drive, and then after the upgrade, copy them back to the new TC disc. otherwise, put the old disk into an external case and copy from there to the nw TC before you do any backups should be ok.


  • iPhone 4 Home Button Replacement

    Putting the cable back into the connector is not easy. I broke the cable off the *old* button and played around to see how it all worked before attempting to fit the new one. I would recommend doing this as a few dummy runs of plugging them together makes it clear. Important to remember, the tiny, almost invisible, clip on the socket is up open, down locked.

    If you have a lit magnifying glass, use it.

  • iPhone 4 Logic Board Replacement

    When reassembling, ensure the ribbon cables for the connector are between the silver metal and the circuit board. the wifi antenna plate clips into the silver metal.

  • iPhone 4 Display Assembly Replacement

    I also used very fine tweezers (from a swiss army knife) to hold the washer and screw from the side as I positioned the screw over the hole, and then placed carefully the screwdriver tip onto the screw before releasing. worked fine. I found this the hardest part of the whole reassemble process.

  • iPhone 4 Home Button Replacement

    That sounds like the bit at step 18 ?