• Answer to: Does the battery adhesive soften with temperature?

    Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) in a very high concentration (>90%, if possible ~99%) will actually do the trick. I was already suspicious that it could work since I accidentally caused some (unimportant) adhesive patches on a 13'' Unibody MBP (which had suffered a massive wine spill) to peel off after I submerged its parts in that stuff (guess what, the MBP worked fine afterwards! ;) ). So, *even if you're just taking out the battery to repair the trackpad*, you can safely remove the battery without causing it any damage. Check out this video for details on the procedure:


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    Is it just me, or this is an OS/2 system? Cool! ;)

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    Have you noticed that cool newt logo on the logic board? I've never seen or read about it, it seems you just uncovered an easter egg! ;)