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  • Answer to: iPhone4 losing wifi signal,

    Bradley's post and photos are the best at illustrating what the issue is with low WIFI, Bluetooth and I think GPS as well signals. The little linking piece under the top center of the top EMI shield comes loose and separates from the EMI shield. If it is not put properly in place or it is not put back in at all,(I wondered where it went too and looked and looked until I found Bradley's post) the WIFI, et al signals will be weak. This needs to be included in the appropriate place in the Guides that it applies too. There are many posts on weak WIFI, et al signals here. It is not a mystery once you understand Bradley's excellent post.
  • Answer to: iPhone 4 Loudspeaker near Mute even after replacement

    Justin, it seems like you covered most if not all of the bases. While I am not that familiar with the IPhone, getting my first back in February, I am an experienced IT guy, successfully working on many laptops and desktops hardware, software and configuration issues. I am familiar with troubleshooting. You have done everything you could, but one thing I found on Googling the issue, Have you tried a hard reset? This is reported by users as successfully restoring the sound in some cases with new IPhones out of the box. It is also possible that the motherboard either failed as a coincidence in timing after you reassembled your IPhone after the repair or it was damaged as a result of handling during the repair. Touch a printed circuit board with ICs on it in the wrong place and static can damage the chips in some cases. It is a hit or miss thing and you may not even feel the static discharge. If the hard reset does not work and unless there is some other thing you and I have not thought of or something else that ...
  • Answer to: Camera Doesn't Work After Open the Phone

    Have you tried to open the IPhone again and check to see if your camera connector is fully seated on the mother board? I just got done doing just that with the same symptoms as your camera. It is difficult to seat the connectors and when I reassembled after replacing a cracked screen I thought I had everything tight, but as I found after taking it apart again, the rear camera connector was not seated. Before I reseated the camera connector none of the cameras or camera apps worked and now I have working cameras and camera apps. Since you cleaned the digitizer and LCD connectors to fix the white screen maybe the camera connector needs to be cleaned too? Other possibilities from my research include, software conflicts with 3rd party apps that also use the camera (uninstalling them may eliminate the conflict with the native IPhone camera app), hardware failure and a series of other fixes including hard resets, restores, reinstalling the OS and even covering the front camera while turning on the camera app. I wou...


  • iPhone 4 Logic Board Replacement

    You can see it on the upper left of the Logic Board, just to the right of the camera in the photo for Step 18. It is easier to see if you click on the view huge link to blow up the photo.

  • iPhone 4 Logic Board Replacement

    It goes on the edge of the logic board where the Digitizer and LCD Panel ribbon cables bend over the Logic Board before they plug into it. The rubber piece protects the ribbon cables from chafing like a bumper and from interferance.

  • iPhone 4 Display Assembly Replacement

    Great guide! I recommend adding some of the notes in this guide to the guide itself. One regarding the connector that goes under the EMI shield at the top of phone connecting the long screw at the top in the center to the gold dot on the logic board (I found this one in the notes OK). It is the connector for the WIFI and Bluetooth antenna as it turns out (the guide is incorrect as the antenna connector by the speakers is for the 3G/IPhone radio not the WIFI). The other, the rubber guard that fits over the edge of the logic board where the Digitizer and LCD ribbon cables bend over the logic board (I missed this step in the notes, but am not going to disassemble to fix, hope it's not too important, lol). A couple of more panels with photos illustrating the two steps would do it.

    I could not have attempted this without this guide let alone be successful, great job! Thank you!