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  • Answer to: Internal Mic doesn't work, even after replacing dock assembly

    I got an "OEM" dock assembly from ebay. The ribbon cable connecting the assembly to the logic board was slightly too long and therefore forced the connector in the ribbon to partly pop out of the logic board connector. That resulted in loss of mic and dock port in my case. Maybe in just affects the mic in your case? Try opening the phone, put preassure and put preassure on the connector. Then call someone and see if it works... Oh, this involves opening the phone while it's powered on... Do at your own risk......
  • Answer to: Partial/Broken Display after closing the casing! iPod Classic 120GB

    "Splatter marks"? Sounds like a screen replacement. You probably cracked the LCD.. Google "cracked lcd" and see if your screen looks similar.
  • Answer to: Screen goes black when open more than halfway

    Sounds like a connection and/or cable problem. Open op the iBook and check the cables.
  • Answer to: Can front glass be replaced inexpensively?

    You have to replace the whole screen assembly on this model.
  • Answer to: How to recover data after card went through washing machine?

    Hard to say without knowing exactly what the situation looks like. Perhaps I would try to use and old SD card as an donor and transplant the chip into that SD card.
  • Answer to: Screen dark computer still working

    If your screen works but is very dark it sounds like the backlight is dead. It could be a cable failing. But beeing a stationary computer and rather old my guess is that the backlight simply died. As to where you can get a replacement I don't know.
  • Answer to: power drops when disconnected from charger

    Your battery is dead or not connected properly. Try to open it up and reconnect the battery. If that doesn't help your battery is dead. Ps. If you have a multimeter (or know someone working with electronics) you can check of it holds any charge at all. Ps 2. When dropped in salt water a lot of stuff can fail. But reading that it used to work before you opened it my guess is that you didn't connect it back properly.
  • Answer to: What is the pram?

    According to wikipedia: "Parameter RAM, a small amount of non-volatile random access memory (NVRAM) used on Apple Macintosh machines to store configuration information"
  • Answer to: How do I fit the hard drive temperature sensor

    Link to guide Step 4, there you can see how the thermal sensor is placed. Update: I believe that the thermal sensor cable is connected to the underside of the logic board. See my comment for details. I would remove the logic board from the case and look for a free connector on it's underside.
  • Answer to: My hard drive has stopped functioning, have I lost everything?

    It depends. If the filesystem was corrupted you can salvage something. If it broke mechanically it's harder. If you had family photos or other important things on it there are companies that can salvage it for you. Even if it's broken mechanically. It can be expensive, but if you have all your family photos etc. on it, maybe it's worth it. But if your machine don't start the boot DVD there is something more wrong. That should start up even if your drive have failed.