• iPod 5th Generation (Video) Case Replacement

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    I followed all these steps to the letter, charged the new battery and all worked fine for about a day. Now I can't get the iPod to respond to anything. The screen is black, it won't charge, itunes doesn't realize it's plugged in. It is flat out dead and just won't respond to anything. Suggestions?

    Mine is acting the same way. I first replaced the hard drive, then the screen, then the battery. Now all it does it says 'do not disconnect'. On my new laptop, it won't let itunes load and stops the o/s from starting if its connnected upon startup. Any ideas?

  • iPod 5th Generation (Video) Case Replacement

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    BRILLIANT instructions!

    I got software problem after installing new Logic Board. iTunes keeps asking me to restore - I do, but it make no difference. Still can't synch. Anyone else have this problem?