• Nexus One Teardown

    Quote from Alex Neil:

    Is the screen glass like the iPhone or plsatic?

    Sorry - I just registered to add my own 2 queries, then the Add Comment window disappeared, so hopefully my 2 questions seen here:

    1) Screen glass: I wondered if it was the tough 'Gorrila glass' reported by Engadget as used in the Droid and dell Adamo ?

    2) The Broadcom Radio chip has integral FM Radio (Rx & Tx), which the Nokia N900 uses to allow streaming of music to a Car Radio or your home hi-fi. the iTouch also uses same chip. Why is this hasn't his phone got FM Radio listed in the spec ? Radio is v. useful for getting local info when travelling out of range of 3G. Does anyone know whats needed to get the FM Radio to work ?