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  • Answer to: Why is my bluetooth not Working?

    Have you tried reinstalling a fresh copy of OSX? I would try that first. If that doesn't help, you might be looking at replacing the airport card on your macbook. It has an antenna for WiFi and bluetooth as well. Luckily, it's pretty straight forward replacing this card and requires minimal experience. Just look at the repair guide here for your specific machine.
  • Answer to: Home Button Constantly Pressed Without Touching Device

    Seems like you have tried all the obvious fixes first. The problem may be on the Logic Board where the Home Button makes contact with the Logic Board. Has this device suffered water damage? I would take the device apart and focus on that area where the home button communicates with the logic board and try cleaning that area thoroughly with Alcohol. You may have some debris in there thats jamming the contact up.
  • Answer to: Why can't I get past step 4 of installing Mac OS 10.5?

    If the drive is not formatted for OSX, it will not be read by your system for installation. Use disk utility to partition and format the drive to HFS+ extended(journaled) and Guid Partition table as your partition scheme and u should be good to go. If this doesn't help, try Dan's suggestions. Good Luck.
  • Answer to: Connector type AirPort card

    Andrea, there's an existing thread on this topic already. But, replacing the card alone won't be enough. You would also have to swap out the antennae, as the ones in your machine aren't capable of providing the throughput that this card is capable on handling. Also, I would believe the firmware would have to be adjusted/updated in order for the card to function properly. In other words, the upgrade, even if it physically fits, won't provide you with any benefits as far as your Wifi performance goes.
  • Answer to: Screen will not rotate after ios 7 update.

    Bring up Control Center by swiping upwards from the bottom of the screen. In Control Center, all the way up top where the wifi, bluetooth, etc, setting are you'll see the orientation lock icon there. Just deactivate from there.
  • Answer to: Why is my microwave only lighting up?

    Honestly speaking, microwaves aren't really user-friendly as far as repairs are concerned. Only a trained and well qualified technician should attempt any repairs on these machines. They're very dangerous, so please don't attempt any repairs if you are not a trained technician.
  • Answer to: Will these ram work with my MacBook Pro?

    Emil, go with a reputable vendor offering a reliable brand, which will most likely offer lifetime warranty on your RAM. Corsair, Kingston are good brands.
  • Answer to: Il PC è bruciato?

    Sì, è una possibilità. Swaping fuori un bordo DC con uno di maggiore tensione può sicuramente friggere la vostra tavola. Io non consiglierei di acquistare un'altra scheda DC per il modello di come potrebbe essere già troppo tardi. La tensione maggiore potrebbe avere amico componenti chiave sulla vostra tavola.
  • Answer to: How do I upgrade my ram to 8GB? without computer freezing?

    Sounds like bad RAM or incompatible RAM. Make sure under system report that the RAM you purchased is exactly the same specs as the RAM that initially came with your Mac. Also, whenever you introduce new hardware to a Mac it is always a good idea to Do a PRAM reset. During boot hold the Command,Option, and the P and R keys simultaneously and hold till the machine reboots and chimes 3 times then release and boot.
  • Answer to: Water damage after put in washer

    Your first mistake was plugging the phone in to charge. That might have fried several components on your phone. You should have just opened the phone, placed in a container with rice and let dry naturally for 2-3 days before attempting to turn the phone back on or charging. Now, that these essential steps are no longer viable, try some damage control. Open your device and tear it down completely and clean with alcohol and soft toothbrush. Pay attention to areas with corrosion and clean that. Take your time and clean thoroughly. Let phone dry out naturally, don't use any heat to dry the phone. That does not help, only makes things worse. After reassembling the phone keep your fingers crossed and hope that you have not cause permanent damage to the phone. Also, I can almost certainly guarantee that you are going to need another battery.