• iBook G3 12" Optical Drive Replacement

    In my iBook, there was no need to remove the screw under the ribbon cable. It's just a part of the optical drive.

  • iBook G3 12" Top Shield Replacement

    If your iBook is like mine (700MHz) The yellow screw was attached from the bottom through the bottom case and had to be removed earlier in order to remove the bottom case. Also the the green screw pictured to the left was missing already removed.

  • iBook G3 12" Bottom Shield Replacement

    Don't peel back the long foil shielding pictured top right! It should stay attached to the bottom shield that you are removing.

  • iBook G3 12" Lower Case Replacement

    You might wanna use your spudger to pry up those back tabs to. You might break the bottom case just wiggling around waiting for it to pop loose.