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  • Answer to: What the pads that the laptop rest on called? - four corners of bottom

    We have always called them the feet of the computer. I know Radtech has some generic replacement feet that will work on any computer. Other companies probably sell them as well.
  • Answer to: Mac with most repairability (10 out of 10)?

    As far as accessibility to the most internals with the least steps I feel it is the Unibody line. Of course this is with access to all necessary screw bits.
  • Answer to: My iPod will not turn on its screen is black?

    Well, if it's an old iPod that hasn't been used for a while it might just have a dead battery. If that's the case you can just install a new battery. This happened with my iPod 3rd Gen when I left it in the garage for awhile. Just installed a new battery and it works fine. Otherwise, we probably need more information to try and diagnose the problem you are having.
  • Answer to: Mousepad-problem - clicks are not registered

    I know there is a screw on the opposite side of the track pad that when tightened prevents clicking. If you open up the bottom case and remove the battery it should be accessible. You'll need to use a T6 driver and all that needs to be done is to loosen it.
  • Answer to: Why is the sound not working?

    I would guess it's one of three things: 1. Double check that the sound isn't muted (unlikely but I had to mention it). 2. A cable has come unplugged in the computer that is preventing audio to get to the speakers. 3. Some component of the sound system needs to be replaced. Whether that be the speakers, sound card, or sound cable would have to be determined by testing.
  • Answer to: My front bezel won't snap back on?

    I believe you are talking about the small plastic pieces that sometimes stay attached to the front bezel itself. We've found the best way to reattach the front bezel is to pop these pieces off of the front bezel and put them back into the mounts lining the outside of the LCD. Then you just need snap the front bezel to these and it should stay attached.
  • Answer to: One part left over

    That would be one of the rubber bumpers that go on the hard drive. You don't need it on to have the iPod working, but it's probably good to have it in so that the hard drive is nice and secure.
  • Answer to: Why is my iPod cant keep a charge

    If you have the original battery in there it probably has just worn out. Replacing it with a new one is what I would recommend. Just make sure to buy the right one as there is a thin and thick version of this iPod.
  • Answer to: Replaced screen, no display, but backlight works,

    When I have encountered this problem usually a restore of the iPod will fix it, assuming the new screens work. So try connecting it to your computer and selecting Restore in iTunes.
  • Answer to: constant restore loop after logic board replace

    Try unplugging all USB devices other than the iPod cable, keyboard and mouse. Sometimes when trying to do a restore other USB devices can interfere in the process. I that doesn't work then you should try to take it apart and replug all of the cables to make sure they all have a good connection. If that still doesn't work then it probably has a hardware problem. That would mean either the logic board, hard drive or possibly even the hard drive cable.


  • iMac Intel 27" EMC 2309 and 2374 Teardown

    Quote from cocoJim:

    If i install a SSD instead of the optical drive, could i boot up OSX from the SSD and use the internal 3,5 HDD for media Stuff?

    That should work just fine. You would just select the SSD in Startup Disk as soon as you get the drive in there with OS X installed.