• iPad 3 4G Teardown

    Are you guys going to disassemble the screen? I'm very curious about wether or not two LED backlights are being used to pump enough light through the Retina display.

    The "remorsphere" was always mentioning that getting enough backlight in the iPad was one of the main challenges to overcome to integrate a Retina display.

  • PlayStation 3 Teardown

    The annotation on the photo in Step 9 is inaccurate. The blue circle should be aqua/cyan coloured, while the two cyan/aqua coloured circles should be blue. No biggie, great disassembly otherwise.

  • MacBook Unibody Model A1342 Teardown

    Quote from chad515:

    Any idea what type of display panel this is? I believe the Macbook Pro is using an S-IPS panel, but the old Macbook was using a TN panel. Is this still TN, or is it S-IPS (or something else)?

    It's a TN display. All of Apple's (and most other companies) notebook's use TN displays because they're slimmer than IPS.

    Having said that, there are different qualities of TN panels. For example, the Macbook Pro 15" panel has a much nicer viewing angle range than the Macbook Pro 13".