• Nexus One Teardown

    I assume you guys just got the phone to take it apart, and since you're done, i'll take it off your hands for further testing xD....... but in all seriousness..........will it blend???

  • Magic Mouse Teardown

    "We'll be taking apart the iMac that came with our Magic Mouse next."

    I'm dying over here! Get on it!!!

  • iPod Touch 1st Generation Logic Board Replacement

    Could I possibly just cut the battery cables in this step and solder them to the wires on the new battery??

  • PSP Go Teardown

    Minor typo on the second part of the sentence in step 9:

    "the logic board simply lifts out of the The analog joystick comes right out with the logic board." :D

    Since both the iPod Touch and the PSP Go don't have internal chassis, how would you compare the rigidity/sturdiness between the two products? Yes I know, strange question.....