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  • iPod 5th Generation (Video) Case Replacement

    Replaced my screen that somehow cracked in my bag while it was under the seat in front of me on an airplane. 80GB 5.5g video.

    The only thing I'll add is that when I first installed the new screen, I would get all kinds of weird artifacts after putting the case back together. It would be fine with the case open but as soon as pressure was applied it would turn white and go crazy. I looked at the old screen and saw a small white plastic sticker covering the electronics on the old screens ribbon cable, so I peeled it off and put it on the new screen's ribbon cable and everything went back together and worked perfectly. Placing pressure on these components must cause trouble and I guess the sticker disperses the pressure to prevent this. It's like new.

    I was really bummed because I have Rockbox running on this thing and no ipods since the 5.5g will run it, and you can't buy those anymore without spending a fortune. Thank you