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Large Needle Nose Pliers


Product code: IF145-024-1

Product Overview

Durable and comfortable grip handle, high carbon steel, and hardness 48 to 52 HRC.

Matches our Diagonal Cutters and Small Needle Nose Pliers.

Product Details

  • Length: 8" / 200 mm
  • Material : High Carbon Steel
  • Hardness: 48-52 HRC






6 month warranty

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My Problem

Heard that I could upgrade my 2006 Mac Mini to make it faster. Give it NEW life.

My Fix

Using the guides and Tools from I was able to follow step by step and upgrade CPU, RAM, Optical drive, HDD.

My Advice guides and tools are great!! Great way to give life back to our toys that have been left aside for so many years. A breath of fresh air. Thank You IFIXIT.

My Problem

So I bought my macbook pro back in 2009 and i loved how i could use it for up to 5 hours in single charge while having a number of apps open. With the years of course, the battery capacity decreased, programs would load super slow, the fan would start spinning like crazy with just streaming videos online and the trackpad button was acting up. So I decided to just go for it and upgrade my macbook. I bought a new battery, a new hybrid hard drive and a new fan, along with the 52 bit tool kit from iFix it.

My Fix

The repair went very smooth, super easy. The guides where very helpful. My macbook is now running for about 4 to 5 hours again, the fan is.... is like is not even there! No more noisy fan. With my new hybrid hard drive, my apps load super fast now and while i was at it, i checked the trackpad, adjusted a few screws and viola! It works great now. It really feels as if i bought a new macbook!!

My Advice

If you are afraid, just go for it. I know opening up a computer might seem a bit intimidating, but its actually quite easy and you'll feel quite proud of yourself because you did it(: