MacBook Unibody Model A1342 Mid 2010 Teardown



Teardowns provide a look inside a device and should not be used as disassembly instructions.

We wanted to see what's inside Apple's updated MacBook! This machine bears the exact same model number "A1342," but includes a longer-lasting battery and the new NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics processor. We got this unit from the Apple Store on May 19th, 2010.

Check out the YouTube video slideshow as well!

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Edit Step 1 MacBook Unibody Model A1342 Mid 2010 Teardown  ¶ 

  • The new revision of the MacBook Unibody Model A1342 has been kind enough to grace us with its presence.

  • Tech Specs:

    • 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 3 MB on-chip L2 shared cache.

    • NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics processor with 256 MB of shared DDR3 SDRAM.

    • 10 hour 63.5 Wh lithium-polymer battery.

    • Mini Display port with audio out support. *GASP*

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Edit Step 2  ¶ 

  • Much like its predecessor, the lower case is held by eight Phillips #00 screws.

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Edit Step 3  ¶ 

  • The battery looks very similar to the previous one. So similar, in fact, that it's identical in size and shape, and has the same model number (A1331).

  • Even so, it still makes continued use of Tri-Wing screws to secure the battery in place. Why Apple? Why? Why can't you free us from the oppression and tyranny that is Tri-Wing screws?

  • Be wary though...appearances can be deceiving, and that is certainly the case here.

    • The battery in the A1342 Mid 2010 is 63.5 watt-hours and weighs 355 grams.

    • In contrast, the earlier A1342 has a battery of 60 watt-hours and weighs 347.5 grams.

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Edit Step 4  ¶ 

  • Lo and behold, the new battery works in the A1342!

  • Both of these screenshots were taken from the previous iteration, the MacBook Unibody Model A1342.

  • You can get an extra 350 mAh of juice if you're willing to add 7.5 grams to your "older" MacBook.

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Edit Step 5  ¶ 

  • After removing two Phillips screws and the hard drive bracket, lift the drive out of the MacBook by its pull tab and disconnect the SATA connector.

  • If you're installing a new hard drive, you'll need a T6 Torx screwdriver to transfer the mounting screws to your new hard drive.

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Edit Step 6  ¶ 

  • Removing the speaker assembly and AirPort/Bluetooth board requires a bit of work, but nothing we at iFixit can't handle.

  • Bluetooth model number is BCM943224PCIEBT.

    • This is the same card used in the previous model, the A1342.

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Edit Step 7  ¶ 

  • After removing the final few screws, lift the optical drive out of its comfy abode.

  • You'll be glad to know that MacBook Unibody Model A1342 Mid 2010 continues to use the 8x SATA superdrive manufactured by Panasonic, model UJ898.

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Edit Step 8  ¶ 

  • Removal of the fan was no biggie. It simply required a Phillips screwdriver and a spudger.

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Edit Step 9  ¶ 

  • Obviously the logic board needs to come out, or else this isn't a teardown.

  • With the flick of our trusty spudger, we continue to disconnect several connectors around the perimeter of the logic board, as well as removing the RAM.

  • Carefully maneuver the logic board assembly out of the upper case.

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Edit Step 10  ¶ 

  • The heat sink must be removed prior to revealing the newly optimized processor and graphics chips.

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Edit Step 11  ¶ 

  • Bam! Front and back of the logic board. (Warning, very large image links)

  • Parts numbers found thus far:

    • Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile Processor E006B705 SLDGZ AV80577P8600 2.40/3M/1066

    • NVIDIA GeForce 320M integrated chipset graphics card: The successor to the GeForce 9400M.

    • Realtek RTL8251CA GigE Ethernet

    • CYPRESS CY8C24 16 KB Flash PSoC

    • TDK 6T213HF

    • Cirrus Logic 4206ACNZ

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Edit Step 12  ¶ 

  • The display assembly is secured by two large T8 screws, one on each side.

  • Shameless plug: We sell a screwdriver kit that will enable you to remove these screws.

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Edit Step 13  ¶ 

  • In Apple's everlasting effort to aid in the reduction of environmental impacts, the LED-backlit display in the MacBook A1342 and Mid 2010 A1342 are Mercury-free.

  • Wondering how to replace the display assembly? Well look no further, simply follow these steps and you'll be up and running in no time.

  • Spoiler alert: Coming soon to a browser near you, replacing the LED-backlit display...stay tuned!

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Edit Step 14  ¶ 

  • Disclaimer: No MacBooks were hurt, in any way, shape, or form, during the process of this teardown.

  • Now that we've taken care of that legal mumbo jumbo that some people care about (most people don't), here is the final layout of what used to be a MacBook Unibody Model A1342 Mid 2010.

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Step 3

New battery is 63.5 watts not 65

mkaz13, · Reply

Just wanted to let people know, the A1278 13" macbook pro 'black' keyboard is interchangeable with the 'white' 2009/2010 macbook A1342 .. It looks pretty cool to! :) . Just remove the metal bracket and use epoxy to stick the keyboard and metal bracket back on :). Cheers.

techetc, · Reply

Thanks for pointing out the cypress chip, i had not noted it.

What hole dows it play? EFI Firmware or SMC dfu?

Cartri, · Reply

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